Apartments Cres Juretic
  • Apartment Cres Juretic
  • The apartment is located in the center of the city of Cres
  • City of Cres
  • Cres sea port
Once again … welcome to my house. Come freely. Go safely and leave something of the happiness you bring.
Apartments Juretic

Apartments Juretic

Apartment Juretic is ideally situated to take it all in. From your windows, you'll have the opportunity to witness a beautiful harbor very animated by vessels and boats, as the light reflects of its beautiful pastel-colored houses, the intricate streets and buildings in the style venenziano, an experience that is truly an integral part of the spirit of our beloved town.

The apartment is the perfect choice for any stay in Cres due to its wonderful location – in a quiet but central area, being just a one minute walk from the very heart of the city that can provide you different options to make any necessary purchases such as supermarkets, small shops and bakeries. There is also a diverse mixture of bars and restaurants nearby.

You are also just 2 minute walk from the beaches that are stretching out from the town is a long, narrow gravel beach lined by pine trees and bordered by a promenade for a nice, healthful stroll.

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City of Cres

City of Cres

The wide bay, protected by a slowly descending belt of cliffs facing south, has made it possible for man to settle in this area since long ago.

On the one hand, there is the sea with its vast resources, enabling the development of fishing, sea trade and ship - building.

On the other hand there is the land, which satisfies the inhabitants´ basic needs, such as vine cultivation and olive production.

Island of Cres

Island of Cres

Cres is the biggest Croatian island, situated at the northern tip of Kvarner gulf. Island Cres is long and narrow mountainous island stretching 66 km in length and only from 2 to 12 km in width.

The coast is indented with the total length of 248 km. This means plenty of coves, bays and fine mainly pebbly beaches for you to explore.

Island Cres is also famous for its self-sufficient water supply: a huge freshwater lake Vrana has enough water to comfortably supply both islands, Cres and Losinj with potable water of excellent quality.

Island of Cres