Apartments Cres Juretic

How to reach us

The island of Cres can be reached by ferry:

1. after crossing croatian border Pasjak continue driving in the direction Opatija to the ferry port Brestova (Istra mainland) – Porozina (island of Cres).

2. after Rupa border crossing continue driving to the direction Rijeka , crossing the Krk Bridge (island of Krk) to the Valbiska ferry port (island of Krk) – Merag (island of Cres).

Distance to Cres:
BRATISLAVA - 520 km, BUDAPEST - 530 km, LJUBLJANA - 165 km, MILANO - 520 km, MUNCHEN - 560 km, PRAG - 860 km, WIEN - 555 km, ZAGREB - 185 km.